Todor Stevanović



Individual Exhibitions


Belgrade: Exhibition of aquarelle and drawings. Josip Pančić School.


Ada Ciganlija: Exhibition of drawings in free space (With M. Nešić).


St. Jovan Bigorski Monastery: Exhibition of paintings and drawings (With G. Čemerski and S. Šemov), August.


Skopje: Todor 1965. Workers House Gallery, 11 – 20. April.
Niš: Todor Stevanović and Stole Stojković. Exhibition Pavillion
in the Castle, May.
Belgrade: Drawing: Dedicated to Robert Strand „the Birdman“ - prisoner of Alcatraz. Graphics Collective, 11 – 20. June (With F. Bulović).


Adriatic Coast: Travelling Exhibition, August (With S. Stojković).
Niš: T. Stevanović. Sales salon, 1 -12. December.
Belgrade: Stevanović, Trkulja, Šercar, Čemerski,: Angry Drawing. Graphics Collective gallery, 1-10. February.


Belgrade: D. Đorđević, Todor Stevanović. Kolarčev People’s University Gallery, 2-13. March.


Belgrade: Todor Stevanović: Paintings. House of Youth gallery, 20. November – 9. December.
Belgrade: Todor Stevanović: Drawings. Graphics Collective Gallery, 20. November – 5. December.
Štip: Todor Stevanović. Workers University, 1 – 15. May.


Belgrade: Hell (For the promotion of the book by Vito Marković). House of Youth, October.
Belgrade: Magicians: Todor, Trkulja and Maskareli. House of Šećerović.


Stockholm: Todor Stevanović – Filip Bulović. Maria galleriet, 25. April – 10. May.
Kovin: Joint exhibition of belgrade painters Trkulja Radislav and Todor Stevanović. Exhibition gallery, 3 – 19. October.
Kraljevo: Stevanović Todor and Trkulja Radislav. Workers University, 16 – 30. November.
Vrnjačka Banja: Divergents. Termal Bath Hall, 1. February (With M. Janković).
Ibid: Belgrade: T. Stevanović and M. Janković šutting into operation Divergents Module. Atelie 212, 30. June at 5 PM.


Prague: (T. Stevanović). Yugoslav Embassy, May.
Belgrade: Open studio: painters Radislav Trkulja, Todor Stevanović. House of Youth Gallery, March.


Belgrade: Todor Stevanović, Radislav Trkulja: Dry Mountain. Art Gallery of Belgrade Cultural Centre, 13 – 21. June.


Herceg Novi: Todor Stevanović and Stojko Stojković. „Josip Bepo Benković“ Gallery, 21 – 31. July.
Sora (Denmark): Todor Stevanović, Filip Bulović and Zorica Bulović. Galerie Kleegall, 7 – 30. November.


Niš: River. Puppet Theatre (On the topic of Aska and Wolf).


Gutersloh (F.R. of Germany): (Todor Stevanović). Kunst Galerie Bottler, 15 – 30. June.


Niš: Special Opening of Puppet Theatre, exhibition in the foyer, May.
Belgrade: Todor Stevanović. Art Gallery of the Belgrade Cultural Centre, 18. September – 1. October.
Belgrade: Meeting with Todor Stevanović and his paintings. House of Pioneers, Red Hall, 19. October.
Belgrade: Literary Tuesday: M. Pavlović: Poetry on the Vir. House of Youth. One day exhibition inspired by Lepenski Vir.


Belgrade: Toša’s pond. Association of Writers of Serbia, October.
On the occasion of 16th International October meeting of writers.


Belgrade: Todor: book serigraphy (bibliophile edition). Graphics
Collective gallery, 14 – 19. March.
New York: Todor M. Stevanović. Gallery Lale space, 1- 30. June.


Obrenovac: Individual exhibition of Todor Stevanović. House ofCulture and Sports „Obrenovac“, 17 – 28. February.


Ćuprija: Todor Stevanović. Gallery of the House of Yugoslav People’s Army,
13 – 23. September.


Sirogojno: Todor Stevanović, Library – Gallery, March.


Belgrade: Todor Stevanović: Revelation by Todor (witness by Todor about the existance or self-existance of the Universe): paintings and objects. Art Pavillion „Cvijeta Zuzorić“, 12. March – 5. April.


Belgrade: Todor’s Cave: Todor’s Universe paper. House of the Yugoslav
People’s Army.


Belgrade: Awarded at the Second Biennale 1995: Olga Jančić, Todor Stevanović. ULUS Gallery, 20. November – 4. December. Third Biennale of drawings and small plastics.


Požarevac: Todor Stevanović. National Museum, September.


Venezia: La Biennale di Venezis XLVIII esposizione internationale d’arte: Todor & Terra. Paviglione di Jugoslavia, 12. giugno – 7. novembre.


Belgrade: Light – Todor’s Line. National Museum.
Budva: I am Todor. Modern Gallery, June-July.
Ibid: Nikšić. Nikola I Gallery, July-August.
Raška: Light – Todor’s Line. Gallery of Cultural Centre „Gradac“,
14 – 24. August.


Zemun: I am Todor. Gallery 107, 9-23. March.
Belgrade: Todor Stevanović: paintings. Cafe Moment.


Šid: Todor’s Cosmic Garden, XIII Memorial of Sava Šumanović, painter with the painter, Art Gallery „Sava Šumanović“, 26. October – 26. November.


Belgrade: “Belgrade – White Bird of Panonia“, exhibition of oil paintings, Radio and television of Serbia (RTS), 19. April – 19. May.


Budva: Modern Gallery. Oil paintings, August – September.


Užice: Light – Todor’s Line. Oil paintings. City Gallery of Užice and SANU (Serbian Academy of Siences and Arts), August – September.


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